727: Never Accept Free Stuff From Strangers (Farscape S2E5-6)


26-01-2022 • 49分

Season two is back to being what we know and love about Farscape. Yay! First up, “The Way We Weren’t”, where we finally get the backstory on Pilot and how he came to be bonded to Moya. We also learn that Aeryn was there as well, much to the crew’s shock and anger after seeing her on a previously undiscovered recording. Will they and Pilot forgive her for what she did back then? Finally, we review “Picture If You Will”, where a shopkeeper gifts Chiana with a picture that can seemingly foretell the future. Or can it? Nope, it’s just the crew’s old maniacal super powerful adversary Maldis getting his revenge on them for what they did to him last season. They barely beat him last time with help they no longer have. Can they defeat him this time?

Eric Scott and Jason Johnson.