736: Where Art Thou, Farscape? (Farscape S3E01-02)


21-09-2022 • 1時間 1分

Eric and Jason are back after an extended time away, some of which was out of their control. They jump into the beginning of season three — which now has new opening theme music, “new” cast members and a new narration. First up, the exciting conclusion to the end of season two, “Season of Death”. That’s the name of the episode, not the name of the last season… Does Aeryn come back to life? Does Crichton get his head back together, both literally and psychologically? Does Rygel really like what Chiana’s cooking? Then we wrap up with “Suns and Lovers”. Where we hopefully put the whole D’Argo / Chiana / Jothee love triangle behind us, never to be spoken of again. And not just because the crew is trapped on a disabled space station about to be destroyed by a mysterious wave of energy soon approaching. Can they find the source of the signal attracting the wave in time? Can they saved the trapped children and themselves? And can Aeryn and Crichton finally find some “alone time”?

Eric Scott and Jason Johnson.