ABW 82 – Developing Inner Vision for Healing & Influence

A Better Way

20-01-2021 • 54分

Nathanael Zurbruegg was born with a debilitating kidney disease, and has literally had to fight for his life since before he was even born. The fact that he's even alive today is an astounding miracle in and of itself. However, Nathanael has not let this stop him from living life to the fullest and living out his God-ordained purpose. When Nathanael got a revelation of God's love, miraculous healing occurred. Though he's still dealing with symptoms, he's been maintaining that healing by proactively cultivating vision on the inside of his heart.

Because of that, despite his ongoing health challenges, Nathanael is now doing what was thought to be medically impossible: traveling, speaking, operating a business, and ministering all throughout the world! Nathanael's story is absolutely inspiring, demonstrating that we don't have to let life's challenges hold us back from the calling God has for our lives.

To connect with Nathanael, visit his website at https://nathanaelzurbruegg.com/