ABW 88 – Jesus Christ CEOs (with Leray Heyne)

A Better Way

14-04-2021 • 49分

Leray Heyne had successfully run a family business for 18 years when the Lord gave him an invitation to something much greater. That invitation was to operate a business completely yielded to God, through deep communion with the Holy Spirit. Beyond that, though, it was to create an organization to disciple and train other CEOs and business owners to be similarly yielded to God for transformational Kingdom impact. And that's exactly what has happened! One business owner needed $50,000 immediately to meet payroll the next business day. By praying over his company's financial statements, the Lord provided the entire $50,000 just in time to meet payroll the next business day! This is just one of many examples of the miraculous testimonies that have resulted.

To learn more and connect with Leray and Jesus Christ CEOs, head over to https://www.jcceos.com