ABW 101 – Surrendering Your Business to God (w/ Matt Walton)

A Better Way

24-11-2021 • 1時間 12分

Matt Walton is a living example of someone whose life and business demands a supernatural explanation! Even though he accepted Jesus at a young age, Matt Walton struggled throughout his life with addiction, jail, and at one point even suicide. He had  a business that was on the verge of failure, and owed 2 years of back-taxes and mortgage payments on his house. At the point of despair, he made the radical decision to surrender his business and his life completely to God. Within 3 months of that fateful decision, he'd paid off all his bills and had enough cash left over to invest back into his business. In the last year, things in his life and business have turned around so radically that there's simply no other explanation than God!

To connect with Matt, check out his company's website at http://www.movingwaterspool.com/, his Instagram account @movingwatersconstruction, or send him an email at matt@movingwaterspool.com.