ABW 84 – Divine Wisdom in the Aerospace Industry

A Better Way

10-02-2021 • 49分

Jeffrey Tenant worked for many years at McDonnell-Douglas (now Boeing). As a financial analyst in the very technical Department of Defense aerospace industry, he specifically asked the Lord for innovative ideas that would bless his company through his work. And God did not disappoint!
As a new analyst working on his very first project, the Lord gave Jeffrey wisdom on an idea. Then the Lord gave him miraculous favor that fast-tracked this idea from Senior Management all the way to the CEO, who approved and immediately implemented it!

On his next project, Jeffrey had another supernatural strategy that was once again approved and implemented extremely quickly. This helped the company secure multiple contracts each worth between $250-300 million, and several million dollars in cost savings. Not only that, but it helped fundamentally change the company culture in positive ways. Jeffrey's testimony is proof that, no matter how technical or seemingly "secular" the job or industry, God is willing and able to provide supernatural wisdom, strategy, and influence to anyone willing to ask for it!

Now retired from his former job, Jeffery is now working on several books and pursuing ministry in the creative realm. You drop Jeff a line at j10firefall@hotmail.com to connect with him and hear more about the new projects he's working on.