ABW 97 – Christ Over Career (w/ Cameron Arnett)

A Better Way

27-10-2021 • 1時間 5分

Cameron Arnett was just getting his big start as a Hollywood actor, and was offered a great role. But there was just one problem...the role required him to compromise his integrity as a follower of Jesus. So he had to make a choice: Christ, or his career. Cameron chose Christ, and it cost him his acting career. It was a very difficult and humbling experience, but God used it to develop Cameron for much greater things. Cameron is now doing those greater things, and in the process God restored Cameron's acting career–but in a way that doesn't require him to sacrifice his integrity, and glorifies Jesus to make Him known to the whole world.

To learn more about all the amazing things God is now doing through Cameron and Christ over Career, check out www.cameronarnett.com, www.savingdestinies.com, andwww.camyarnett.com.