Starting a business as an expat - with Mangla Sachdev, Expat Business in a Bag

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

19-01-2024 • 34分

Welcome to today's podcast where I’m excited to have Mangla Sachdev join me. Originally from London, UK, Mangla has an impressive global footprint, having lived and established businesses in Australia, Malaysia, England, Scotland, and now Singapore.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Mangla started her first venture at 17 and has been self-employed ever since. Mangla now runs Expat Business In A Bag, where she shares business coaching and strategies for expat entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Mangla shares her experiences with product businesses and valuable insights on starting a business, especially in a new country or community.

In addition, Mangla is offering a special gift for our listeners: her '27 Essential Tasks for Every Entrepreneur' marketing checklist, available via the link in our show notes.

  • An introduction to herself and her businesses (01:35)
  • Her first product business at 17 years old (03:23)
  • Her second product business, t-shirts (05:29)
  • How she combines running a product business with travelling (10:34)
  • The differences between running a business in Singapore and the UK (13:35)
  • The inspiration for setting up Expat Business In A Bag (17:33)
  • Spotting business opportunities when travelling (20:19)
  • Using your travel experiences as inspiration for starting a business (26:08)
  • Advice on how to niche (26:57)
  • Her number one piece of advice for product creators (30:56)

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