Creating and selling unique handmade products - with Debbie Scott - Sheila Sells Sea Shells

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12-01-2024 • 30分

In today's podcast episode, we're chatting with Debbie Scott from Sheila Sells Seashells. Debbie specialises in transforming oyster and scallop shells, naturally formed by the ocean and artistically enhanced by her, into stunning creations. Debbie’s shell creations are unlike anything I've seen before. Her miniature works of art are utterly unique making them popular gift items.

I was intrigued to learn about Debbie’s process: how she acquires these shells, the artistic journey to transform them into art pieces, the time involved, and particularly, how she determines the pricing for such labour-intensive work. Debbie shares lots of information about how to price hand crafted items both for general and wholesale.

Debbie’s day job is running her PR Agency, Scott Communications, so she also shares her top tips for how small businesses can boost their PR.

There is so much value packed in this punchy episode.

  • An introduction to herself and her businesses (01:38)
  • Debbie’s products, crafting art from shells using decoupage, gold leaf and resin (02:41)
  • Debbie’s inspiration for working with shells this way (04:20)
  • Moving from having a craft hobby to making it into a business (05:41)
  • Selling her art via wholesale (07:32)
  • Bespoke commissions (08:17)
  • Working out how to price a unique piece of art (10:44)
  • The importance of factoring in time when working out your pricing (11:23)
  • Working out pricing for wholesalers (13:14)
  • Sourcing her shells responsibly (13:44)
  • Balancing pricing her art to cover her costs but also making it affordable (16:24)
  • The practicalities of creating your product at home (16:54)
  • The power of networking (20:10)
  • Managing imposter syndrome (20:57)
  • How to do well at markets (24:42)
  • PR tips for small businesses (25:46)

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