Designing and manufacturing bags - with Katie Bell, Katherena

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

24-11-2023 • 26分

Today on the podcast, I am talking to Katie Bell from Katherena about how she followed in her father's footsteps and launched her own women's accessory brand. Katie has had her brand for over six years now, and has just launched a membership for businesses and influencers to help collaborate and grow their brands.

Katie shares lots of useful tips about finding a manufacturer, the importance of not over-ordering, and having the confidence to negotiate, and how you can’t necessarily predict what your bestsellers are going to be.

  • An introduction to herself and her businesses (01:08)
  • Katie’s background in fashion (01:38)
  • How her dad inspired her to set up her own business (03:05)
  • The process of deciding that making the bags herself was not viable (04;34)
  • Making manufacturing connections in China (06:10)
  • How Katie commissions her designs without detailed design drawings (07:22)
  • You can’t always predict what your bestselling designs will be (09:21)
  • The process of experimenting with her range (13:17)
  • Learning not to overorder (15:11)
  • The importance of negotiating with manufacturers (16:24)
  • Storing her stock (18:18)
  • Order fulfilment (19:08)
  • Managing work and her young children (19:55)
  • Selling other products alongside her own on the website (20:48)
  • Her number one piece of advice for product creators (23:42)

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