S8 E29: Esmeralda Santiago, Farah Karim-Cooper, and Julie Schumacher

This Is the Author

15-08-2023 • 20分

In this episode meet award-winning writer Esmeralda Santiago Professor of Shakespeare Studies at King’s College London Farah Karim-Cooper, and the first woman to win the Thurber Prize, Julie Schumacher. Tune in to hear how Farah Karim-Cooper became empowered through recording her audiobook, how Julie Schumacher intentionally included the point of views of undergraduates in her novel, and how the fear of losing history inspired Esmeralda Santiago. Las Madres by Esmeralda Santiago https://www.penguinrandomhouseaudio.com/book/222921/las-madres/ The Great White Bard by Farah Karim-Cooper https://www.penguinrandomhouseaudio.com/book/691287/the-great-white-bard/ The English Experience by Julie Schumacher https://www.penguinrandomhouseaudio.com/book/730658/the-english-experience/