GSN PODCAST: Geek Syndicate – Episode 354

Geek Syndicate

25-08-2023 • 1時間 8分

Look at this!! Three episodes in three weeks! It's almost like the lads have a schedule for bringing out these podcasts, right? (between us...they really don't). I mean we all know it probably won't last and I'll be back to writing rubbish marketing drivel again for Lexcorp...ah well onwards and upwards I guess.


  • Nuge digs up some news on Blue Beetle's role in James Gunn's take on the DCU.
  • Monts, as usual, has no news....the lazy git.

Week that was

  • Train Pending
  • Alice in Borderland
  • The Flash
  • Blue Beetle


Nuge wanted me to leave off mentioning this whole section because the cry baby couldn't go. Being the professional I am I will do no such thing so join Monts as he reports back from the 2023 Arthur C. Clarke Awards.

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