Indiana Jones and the Crystal Flute

An Oscar For Arnold

16-06-2023 • 53分

After everyone seemed to enjoy last year's episode "Indiana Jones and the Hurricane of Katrina," Sonny and Tom decided to continue their hobby of outlining modern-day Indiana Jones movies. And what excellent timing, with the new "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" coming out in just a couple weeks. And with how tepid the reviews for that currently seem, Sonny and Tom are arrogant enough to believe they've cooked up a better film after an hour of shooting the shit.

For Indiana Jones and the Crystal Flute, the boys revisit a story from last year, when singer Lizzo played President James Madison's crystal flute. When she did that last September, Sonny and Tom discussed how cursed the flute seemed and imagined a scenario in which she was sucked into the flute for eternity. Today, they take that joke one step further, structuring the plot of an Indiana Jones movie in which our old hero Indy must go on a quest to save Lizzo from the cursed crystal flute. It's a film full of action and adventure as Indy teams up with Lizzo's manager Susan and goes on a journey through Europe, North Africa, and Oklahoma to uncover the secrets possessed by the mythical flute.

And if that description somehow isn't enough to tickle your fancy, the boys also do their classic opening segment, Arnold in a famous role. Today, they uncover a 1961 courtroom drama called "Judgment at Nuremberg," which sees Arnold taking over the Oscar-winning role of Hans Rolfe, a defense attorney for the Nazis on trial. Originally played by Austrian actor Maximillian Schell, the role instantly gets the attention of Sonny and Tom for how incredibly perfect it seems for Arnold. Might we have a new contender for the coveted award "Arnold's Best Shot"? Only way to find out is to stop reading this description and listen to the episode.

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