Which Movie Made More Money?

An Oscar For Arnold

05-11-2022 • 52分

It's another game episode! After having played "Which Celebrity is Taller?" and "Which Celebrity is Older?," the boys decided to try a new game: "Which Movie Made More Money?" Sonny and Tom each prepared five matchups of two movies for the other man to guess which one had more success in the worldwide box office (not adjusted for inflation). Like the previous game episodes, things get heated between our two hosts. But who can blame them with so much on the line? The loser, as usual, must say "We'll be back" at the end of the episode in a thick Austrian accent. Sonny is the reigning champion going into the episode, but Tom is eager to overthrow him. Will he do it? Listen to find out.

After the horrible opening segment in the previous episode, Sonny and Tom debated throwing out the whole concept. But they gave it another shot in this episode and pondered whether Arnold Schwarzenegger would win an Oscar for playing Jared Leto's Academy Award-winning role as a trans woman in 2013's "Dallas Buyers Club." We wish there was an obvious answer to the question, and in fact there is, but the hosts still have an obligation to give Arnold an honest shot by discussing the idea. What will win: Tom and Sonny's unreasonable love for Arnold or the undeniable fact that Arnold would be horrible in this role? Listen to find out.

Special thanks to BoxOfficeMojo.com for providing the numbers for today's episode. They didn't have any say in the matter, but we thank them all the same.

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