Oops! All Banter: Drunk Jimmy Fallon, Prude Penn Badgley, & The Best Property Brother

An Oscar For Arnold

13-09-2023 • 49分

The boys take it easy today and stop worrying about those pesky themes and structured conversations to just have a chat. They discuss a number of things, which I will now spoil in this description so the episode is more likely to get noticed from online searches.

First the boys discuss the fan vote for their CGI Character Bracket, which was completed on Instagram after Episode 22's release. They would be remiss if they didn't bring up the new Arnold Netflix documentary, simply called "Arnold," and then brag about how they knew everything in it already because they're such big Arnold Schwarzenegger fans. Then the hosts decide that the superior Property Brother has been determined, since one of them has now married Zooey Deschanel. But there's also a clear worst Property Brother, their older brother JD who may or may not be a plumber. The boys chat about the Leonard Bernstein documentary and Bradley Cooper's comically large and possibly offensive nose before chastising Penn Badgley for not wanting to do sex scenes out of respect for his wife. Then they talk about Burning Man and the recent chaos going on within it, which Tom would like to be a part of. And finally, they bring up the recent allegations of a toxic work environment at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which is probably due to the fact that Jimmy is just too fun of a guy to be a good coworker. Stay off the booze, Jim!

They still make time for the opening segment, in which they imagine Arnold playing Timothy Hutton's role in 1980's "Ordinary People," which sounds like a pretty depressing movie all things considered. But due to contractual obligations, the hosts still have to give the film its due diligence for the sake of completing that opening segment.

Keep an eye out for a bonus episode of the content that wasn't good enough for this one coming soon! Just in case you thought this episode was a little *too* entertaining.

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