Movie Mash-Up

An Oscar For Arnold

01-04-2022 • 39分

Using a random generator, the boys sit down to combine two movies into one hopefully logical plot. The results of this are mixed to say the least. Some of the movies they come up with are truly atrocious, but there are a few Oscar-winners buried within the ten mash-ups Sonny and Tom create. Give the episode a listen to hear the boys attempt to combine a wide variety of films including The Dark Knight, Groundhog Day, The Truman Show, The Hangover, and Love Actually. And yes, I just listed those movies in this description to increase potential clicks. After all, we do want to quit our jobs and do this full-time one day.

The boys also provide their thoughts on the now-infamous Will Smith/Chris Rock slap that took place at the Academy Awards last weekend. We know you've all been dying to hear two random guys offer their opinions on the Oscars slap, so Sonny and Tom are here to do just that. They also return to their beloved opening segment, Arnold in a Famous Role. Today, the boys decide if Arnold Schwarzenegger could win an Oscar for playing Kevin Spacey's character in 1999's American Beauty. Say what you want about Arnold, he still has a better reputation than Kevin Spacey.

Hosted by Sonny de Nocker (@swankysonny) and Tom Price (@thomas_price22).
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