Oops! All Banter

An Oscar For Arnold

02-10-2022 • 33分

Today's episode has no main segment. Sonny and Tom decided to throw caution to the wind and shoot the shit for half an hour instead of focusing on one thing. They discuss the creepy promotion for the movie "Smile," putting Muppets in serious films, Lizzo playing James Madison's 200-year-old flute, and Bruce Willis allegedly selling the rights to his likeness. We promise this isn't us running out of main segments, we just figured it would be nice to have a casual chat without the pressures of outlining some convoluted movie or guessing which celebrity has a larger penis. You may or may not enjoy it, but there's only one way to find out.

Fear not, though, because Sonny and Tom still find time to do their classic opening segment, Arnold in a Famous Role. Today, they discuss how Arnold Schwarzenegger would handle Sam Rockwell's role in 2017's "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri." Can Arnold win an Oscar for playing a racist? Maybe not, but Arnold's father certainly could.

So sit back and enjoy an episode of all banter. As always, if it's bad we'll never do it again. But if it's good, please give the podcast a rating. Also, our lawyers would like us to note that Bruce Willis has denied selling his likeness since this was recorded. I'm just kidding, we don't have lawyers. But we do wish Bruce Willis the best.

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