#BetweenHooksets | Keith Pazour's 17lb 13.92oz SD Record Walleye

Chasen Walter's In Thru The Outdoors

16-11-2023 • 34分

Keith Pazour just broke the 15 day old South Dakota state walleye record with a 17lb 13.92oz pig that had a 22 inch girth and measured 33 inches long! Aaron Schuck broke the 21 year old record with a 16lb 8oz monster eye (21" girth and 33" long) but did not get to keep the record! Both records were caught on Walleye Nation Creations Reapers. A McGannon Special and Hunke Hammer making history! Bill McGannon and Brian Hunke named Reapers after themselve and each caught a SD record walleye back to back! What are the chances of that?? Enjoy the show. #BetweenHooksets #ittoutdoors #recordwalleye #SouthDakota #walleyefishing #WalleyeNationCreations