The Strength in Your Brand with Izzy Waite

Lay the Course Podcast

23-03-2023 • 30分

After finding that her values in life didn't connect with the social media tech industry she was working in, Izzy Waite decided to ditch the normal 9-5 to pursue a passion-filled career aiming to help driven entrepreneurs get seen and heard. Izzy joined our host Kelsey Stine for a conversation diving into the details of her work as a brand designer.

In this episode you will hear:

  • The power of branding in today’s business landscape

  • Showing up, front and center, in your brand

  • Izzy’s passion for diving deep with her clients to bring their personalities to life

“I love helping people make sure their personality shows up, front and center, in their branding,” said Izzy, sharing what brought her to work in branding.

By blending her graphic design and business degrees with her natural skill of seeing what makes people special – Izzy has been able to create strategic, stand-out brands that capture her clients’ souls, goals, and values. Izzy specializes getting to know her clients on a deeper level from the start so she can better understand their values and energy and make it shine through their branding and website.

Learn more about Izzy on her website and find her on Instagram.

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Host: Kelsey Stine

Produced by: Vela Creative Co.

Credits: Production & Editing by Sarah Miller, Kelsey Stine, and Trevor Stine