Erin Wilson, Temporarily Burntout, Leaves the Fitness Industry and Comes Back To Start Own Her Gym at 25

The Youngpreneur Podcast

07-04-2020 • 29分

Erin Wilson discovered her passion while she was still in university. However, it wasn't exactly what she had planned. Erin studied Exercise and Sports Science at University and after finishing her degree Erin didn't want to take the obvious career route and instead wanted to share her passion with those who were looking to make a positive change in their lives.'At the end of my Exercise Science degree, I was just like, "Nope." And I was like, "This isn't what I wanted to do. This isn't where I want to go." I had a little crisis. And then I found this job working for Vision Personal Training in Gladesville.' -Erin WilsonErin became a personal trainer and with a lot of hard work she was making a difference, but her passion began to turn into a grind and the numbers game of getting bums on seats, not being able to focus on achieving a quality outcome for her clients was beginning to take a toll. After needing to step away for a while, Erin returned and started her own gym, Urban Base Fitness, at 25 years old. Taking everything she had learnt she was able to build the right environment and focus on the outcomes that her clients wanted.

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