The Youngpreneur Podcast

Welcome to Day One

Do you have a really cool idea for a business? What's stopping you from giving it a shot? Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur while you're young is an incredible opportunity. A rare time in our lives when you can give stuff a go while you have the flexibility and room to fail fast and learn. "It's ok to fail, take what you've learned and try again. Because failing while you're young is the best time to do it." -Cheryl Royle, Entrepreneurship Facilitator at Hunter Futurepreneurs. Hosted by Adam Spencer, the Youngpreneur Podcast shares the experiences of other young people just like you, who took a shot and built incredible businesses. Maybe they aren't millionaires yet, but entrepreneurship isn't just about startups, scaleups, seed rounds and big exits. It's about learning new skills that you can't learn anywhere else, it's about creating an opportunity for yourself and it's about having a go and taking control of your future. The Youngpreneur Podcast is brought to you by Hunter Futurepreneurs. The Hunter Futurepreneurs program has been designed to inspire, educate, mentor and connect future entrepreneurs to start or build a sustainable business. Subscribe to the Youngpreneur Podcast now for inspiring stories from young entrepreneurs.

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