Following On From a Media Frenzy When He Was Only 14, Taj Pabari Built His Company Fiftysix Creations

The Youngpreneur Podcast

31-03-2020 • 26分

Taj Pabari started his first business when he was only 11 years old. A tech blog for kids amassing an audience of 50,000 views per day. After that business was sold, Taj started the company he is still building today, Fiftysix Creations. Taj launched Fiftysix creations amongst a mediastorm, being featured everywhere from National Geographic to Sunrise with Kochie."Within six months we were on the front page of pretty much all media outlets from News Corp, to National Geographic, to ABC, 60 Minutes did a half an hour profile of us during prime time on a Sunday night with Liz Hayes, Koch put us on Sunrise, we were on the Today Show with Karl. We literally had every media outlet in Australia jump on, and we sold a lot of devices." -Taj Pabari

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