54) The launch of REMA

An energy market podcast from Cornwall Insight experts

19-07-2022 • 9分

REMA promises the biggest changes in the power market for a generation. It includes options for changing the locational stricture, the means of dispatch, and the price setting basis of the wholesale market, and then also considers related changes to existing support schemes, flexibility incentives and operational delivery. The potential span of change and the breadth of possible consequences emphasises the need for businesses and investors to carefully weigh decisions and plans. Listen to Veronica Truman, Tom Faulkner, and Kate Mulvany in our latest podcast on REMA.

Interested in Locational Marginal Pricing but not sure about it is? Watch our YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/CdNlsNMDStI

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Another video on REMA and investor momentum: https://youtu.be/n020ZcbYpdE