It’s Not About What You Have, But What You Do With It; Pro Goalkeepper Monica Wilhelm Puts Gratitude First


16-11-2023 • 1時間

Monica Wilhelm, our extraordinary guest who played for the Hawkeyes until last season, and our amazing host, Jordyn, speak honestly about how cruel this game can be. It can push you to the outer edges of your sanity if you let it.

Monica's journey of sticking with the game when things just were not going her way is so inspiring. There are so many uncontrollables in life and soccer. It's kind of exactly what Jordyn, who is going through her own soul-searching and a difficult time in the season, needed to hear. In fact, it's worth it for us all to listen to. We learn the most about ourselves during these moments, and find paths like faith and spirituality to get us through these times.

Additionally, Sam and Jordyn talk about the crazy upsets that took place last week and about their upcoming games, with Michigan State going to BYU to play Harvard and the University of Iowa heading to Clemson to play Georgia.

Will they make it to the Sweet 16 next week? We'll love 'em either way. This podcasting journey has been one hell of a ride!

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