Sam Vanallemeersch - Real Materials & Holy Hergé

Blind Shovel

02-08-2023 • 1時間 57分

A swinging and winging Blind Shovel, this one with cartoonist and illustrator, Sam Vanallemeersch. We discuss the shortcomings of digital processes, Herge & Moebius, and more.

"My name is Sam Vanallemeersch and I like to draw. For you, my girlfriend, my daughter and my cat (†). I illustrate (for) people and things, have been in the odd book here and there, done a couple of shows and am working on a comic which might never get finished. But that's -sort of- okay by me.

For completionists: there’s more on Instagram and Kolchoz."

Header image: Sam Vanallemeersch, "Pianoforte", 2023