Episode 355i: 2023 US Open Finals - Coco Gauff’s First; Djokovic’s 24th

No Challenges Remaining

12-09-2023 • 1時間 13分

Ben and Tumaini wrap the US Open finals in their eighth show of the tournament, starting with Coco Gauff fulfilling the years of hype and hope by winning her first grand slam title. What did this win show us about a player we first met when she was a young teenager of 13 or 15? And what are the perils of such expectations?

We then get into Djokovic's win over Medvedev, for his 24th major. Where does he go from here? And how should his relationship to the public best be characterized at this point?

You'll also get to hear TWO original songs by Dan Bern about this tournament.

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