Hardly Working 109: MEGA Episode! 1 Yeah Anniversary for BMBL, Filming Commercials & Arguing that Being Friends with your Ex Isn't Weird?

Hardly Working

20-09-2023 • 2時間 2分

Celebrate One Year of BMBL Photo Booth Co! Join us on 'Hardly Working' for a jubilant episode filled with laughter, positivity, and incredible revelations. SP and Kellie take you on a journey through the highs and lows of our first year at BMBL. It's been an amazing ride, and we can't wait to share it with you! 🎂🥳

Lights, Camera, Action! Join us as SP and Kellie spill the beans on their epic adventures, from shooting a commercial for a nationwide SuperMarket chain to witnessing the Queen herself, Beyoncé, at Sofi Stadium! It's all about good vibes and great stories in this episode. Tune in for the inside scoop! 🎤🎶

Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughter and 'Unpopular Opinions'! Join your favorite hosts, SP and Kellie, as they dive deep into some seriously fun and quirky discussions. From pets as 'support' animals to oversharing about your love life, they've got it all covered. Tune in for a dose of humor and unique perspectives! 😂🗣️

Dive into the wacky world of real news stories that will blow your mind as SP and Kellie explore offbeat stories that'll leave you in stitches! From a daring attempt to cross the Atlantic in a giant hamster wheel to a comical mix-up involving a 'cult-like' yoga class, this episode is filled with laughter and unexpected twists. Join the fun and let's unravel the hilarious side of the news together! 🌊🐹

Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind episode that's sure to leave you in stitches, pondering the strange wonders of our world. Hit that play button, subscribe to "Hardly Working," and get ready to join SP and Kellie on an exhilarating journey filled with laughter, surprises, and unforgettable stories!

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