Episode 105: ‘Ahsoka’ ep 6, a game of TOP 5 (weddings), and more ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks

The 'Verse!

05-10-2023 • 1時間 12分

The squad blasts off to our favorite Star-iverses. First up is Star Wars to cover Ahsoka episode 6 and finally see some anxiously anticipated on-screen appearances. Tune in to hear what we loved, what we were wrong about in past theories, and what we’re manifesting for the finale.

Next up is Star Trek to cover Lower Decks episodes 3-4 where we get to see how Boimler handles his first away mission as a leader (spoiler alert, it’s poorly), and meet Tendi’s family. Nothing brings a family together like a wedding!

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If you stick around after the credits, you might need something old, something new…you know the rest…

SHOW BREAKDOWN: 0:00 – Intro // 1:27 - The ‘Verse! News // 13:05 AHSOKA ep 6 // 38:27 – Star Trek: LOWER DECKS eps 3 & 4 // 53:35 – Contact Info // 76:30 – Post Credit - a game of TOP 5 (top 5) (top top)