S1E8 - Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous

Pilot Seasons

14-06-2021 • 51分

Join your podcast captains, Matt and Stephen, as they take you, along with fellow passenger, Landon Defeaver (Films For The Void) on a journey into 2013 MTV as they discuss the short lived sitcom Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous (Available on VUDU).

Created by one of both Stephen and Matt's favorite comedians, Bo Burnham, does it stand the test of 8 years' time? Did it deserve its cancelation? Will he become famous? Did Matt figure out how to do a podcast over Zoom? And are you also feeling some kind of way after watching Bo Burnham's new special on Netflix? Because I sure am.

Special thanks to Landon Defeaver for joining us this week. You can catch his podcast, Films For The Void, anywhere you listen to them!

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