Unhinged Game of "Would You Rather" and Client Curiosities

Mental Break it Down

15-11-2023 • 55分

Ever contemplated the intricacies of sweat mayo versus Cheeto dust? We kick off this episode with a hilarious take on this 'would you rather' scenario that dives headfirst into this profound (and slightly disgusting) debate. Continuing our journey from the absurd to the intimate, we also scrutinize the delicate dance of therapist-client relationships. From blazing trails through ethical codes to the complexities that arise when clients feel unusually attached to their therapists, we've got it all covered.

But wait! We're also lifting the veil on the often misunderstood world of therapy. As we untangle the difference between pain and suffering, we uncover the empowerment in realizing that while everyone can improve, no one is fundamentally broken. We challenge the incessant pressure to always be happy and advocate for the importance of allowing ourselves the space to be just not okay sometimes.

Finally, we reflect on the beautiful journey of change - the comfort it brings, and the fear it instills. As we navigate these unchartered territories, we also illuminate the importance of a solid routine and the creation of a comfortable space, especially for those who are new to therapy. So, come along as we engage in these important discussions, and remember, it's perfectly okay to bring along a jar of sweat mayo for the ride!"

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