Financial Therapy with Haylie Castillo, LICSWA, CFT-1

Mental Break it Down

20-09-2023 • 27分

Ever puzzled over the intricate bond between our psyche, emotions, and money? Join us as we navigate the fascinating labyrinth of financial therapy with the insightful Haylie Castillo. Hailey, a certified financial therapist and licensed clinical social worker associate, skillfully unpacks how our relationship with money is often a mirror of other relationships in our lives. She sheds light on how societal standards and beliefs passed down from caregivers mold our financial habits. But it doesn't stop there. Hailey offers an interesting perspective on the divergence between a financial planner and a financial therapist.

Haylie's expertise expands further into the realm of financial trauma, pinpointing its signs and suggesting paths towards cultivating a healthier monetary relationship. She offers thought-provoking insights on how early attitudes towards money, formed as soon as age eight, shape our financial behaviors. Regardless of income, money is a critical component of our lives. We round off the conversation with practical advice and tips on creating a balanced financial blueprint and managing finances. So tune into this eye-opening episode of Mental Break it Down for a deep dive into the crossroads of mental health and monetary wellness.

Haylie Castillo, LICSWA, CFT-1, Castillo Financial Therapy

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