Parenting Styles At Home & On Hulu’s, The Parent Test!

Geriatric Mamas

15-08-2023 • 2時間 1分

On this episode, Sonia and Jessica discuss twelve parenting styles found in three binge-worthy parenting tv series; Bringing Up Baby, Parental Guidance and Hulu’s, The Parent Test, the cringiest moments, the surprisingly most Gilmore Girls parenting style and is the hostess with the mostest really the mostest?

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why Do Parenting Styles Matter to Us? (8:12)

  • Bringing Up Baby- Cancelled British TV Show (10:20)

  • Parental Guidance- Australian TV Show (16:03)

  • Parenting Styles (21:00)

  • Attachement Parenting Style (22:10)

  • New Age Parenting Style (33:24)

  • French Parenting Style (39:23)

  • Natural Parenting Style (45:44)

  • Free Range parenting Style (49:42)

  • High Achievement Parenting Style (53:26)

  • Intensive Parenting Style (58:48)

  • Discipline Parenting Style (01:07:33)

  • Helicopter Parenting Style (01:12:39)

  • Traditional Parenting Style (01:23:19)

  • Child-Led Parenting Style (01:27:55)

  • Negotiation Parenting Style (01:31:47)

  • Strict Parenting Style (01:36:40)

  • Routine Parenting Style (01:39:46)

  • What Parenting Style Our Parents Used On Us (01:47:54)

  • Sonia’s Mom Was an ER Nurse Before She Was Born, Sooo (01:53:42)

  • Jessica’s Tea Parties on The Beach With Her Mom (01:56:38)

Episode Correction:

Sonia’s Mom’s Birthday:

Nothing crazy happened this year! Sonia, Mike, her brother Brian and her Grandmother took Annabelle and her nephew to plant some flowers at Nana Linda’s grave. It was a special weekend.

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