How To Get a Voice Over AGENT: 3 BIG Questions, 3 Big Answers

VO Pro: Voiceover and Voice Acting

15-02-2024 • 11分

I got a message last week from one of our VO Pro members who says, “I have a topic that could go down a BIG rabbit hole! For all us newbies out here...When is it time to look for an agent?” What milestones should you have met or be meeting to find an agent? How do you go about finding an agent and soliciting them?

I’ll answer these and other burning questions today on Paulie’s Secret Agent Plan.

Yeah this is a big one, especially for newer pro voice talent. You’ve got your baseline training. You’re competent. You’re booking work, maybe even a fair amount of work, and the whole question of agent representation is a big black box.

So, let’s try and break this down for you into small chunks. Here are 3 answers to 3 big questions about voice over agents. And stick around because at the end we’ll answer an important bonus question my student didn’t ask.

00:00 When is it time to look for an agent?
03:03 What milestones should you have met or be meeting to find an agent?
04:54 How do you go about finding and soliciting an agent?
10:11 What should you look for in an agent?

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