Episode 125 - The Grave Robbers of Genghis Khan

Throwback Paperback: A Young Adult Novel Podcast

06-03-2023 • 1時間 14分

It’s series wrap-up week here at Throwback Paperback. Are the tears flowing? Well we finish the Children of the Lamp with the Grave Robbers of Genghis Khan, and unsurprisingly we have a lot of thoughts. You do not want to miss the spice as we go on another jetsetting adventure: Italy, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Australia, and Mongolia this week. The wrap up of the series just leaves us with lots of feelings that we can’t spoil here in the description. You just have to listen to find out.

Next week we will be reading chapters 1-25 of Uglies, book 1 in our new series, Uglies.

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