Episode 122 - The Day of the Djinn Warriors

Throwback Paperback: A Young Adult Novel Podcast

13-02-2023 • 49分

If the last book was intricate and complicated, just wait until you read this week’s book, The Day of the Djinn Warriors. Week 4 of the Children of Lamp has many many plot lines starting with the resurrection and subsequent installment of Faustina as the new Blue Djinn, the downfall of Dybbuk as Jonathan Tarot, and the rise of Iblis. We go to China as the Ifrit, or big bad as Asia calls them, try to invert all luck in the entire world in favor of evil. Of course, as always we have a breakneck rush to the finish and resolution, though for the first time, this book definitely does not end in a perfect happy ending, so we are taking the turn towards more serious topics.

Next week we will be reading a new book in one week, The Eye of the Forest, book 5 of the The Children of the Lamp series.

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