Episode 132 - Extras: Chapters 1-27

Throwback Paperback: A Young Adult Novel Podcast

24-04-2023 • 48分

Thank you Scott Westerfeld for writing another book because we are incredibly excited and happy to stay in the Uglies world with the follow-up fourth book, Extras. We’ve switched to a new protagonist, whom we enjoy, and we love the haunting and scary social media aspect of this book. Is it maybe a little too close to home? Possibly, but we really get into it. We follow Aya Fuse on her meteoric rise from complete nobody as an Extra to one of the most popular people in the city and Tally Youngblood sliding into her DMs. The book is a treat, and hopefully our episode is too.
​Next week we will be reading chapters 28-54 of book 4 in the series, Extras.

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