Episode 131 - Specials: Chapters 26-50

Throwback Paperback: A Young Adult Novel Podcast

17-04-2023 • 48分

We finish the original Tally Youngblood arc this week as we finish off Specials. All hell breaks loose with Tally’s city attacking the newfound city of Diego. Tally and Shay make plans to prevent a full war, but those plans are obviously derailed, so it, as always, falls to Tally to save the day. Will she? The most main-character energy person we’ve ever read about? Will she win it all? Do all the boys still flock to her? On a more serious note, both hosts have truly enjoyed reading the Uglies series, and we’re very grateful that there’s another book in the series for us to dive into.

Next week we will be reading chapters 1-27 of book 4 in the series, Extras.

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