Athena Asks - Dr Caitlin Beach and Dr Mia L. Bagneris with host Dr Adrienne Childs

Athena Art Foundation

15-12-2022 • 34分

This episode of Athena Asks focuses on race, representation and colonialism in 19th-century Victorian sculpture. It is hosted by Dr Adrienne Childs, co-curator of the new exhibition The Colour of Anxiety: Race, Sexuality and Disorder in Victorian Sculpture, now showing at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, UK (also co-curated by the Director of Athena Art Foundation, Nicola Jennings). Childs talks with two brilliant guests, Dr Caitlin Beach (Assistant Professor of Art History at Fordham University) and Dr Mia L. Bagneris (Associate Professor in African Diaspora Art and Studies of Race in Western Art at Tulane University), about race, representation, colonialism and the legacy of slavery in 19th-century Victorian sculpture.