The After: Finding My Voice

In Hines Sight

09-11-2021 • 45分

Thanks listeners/viewers for hanging out with me for this one – experimenting with recording on QuickTime to have both an audio and video version. With this episode…

  • Why did Ryan bust his knee on a treadmill? Hint: It came in like a wrecking ball.
  • 5-mile hike to a peak in Big Bend. No big deal, start two hours before sunset, right? Wrong.
  • WTF, that was a breakup too? Yeah, a breakup can also be the death of a relationship (either real or perceived). Time to mourn/process is required.

From my birthday trip in Mexico when a fellow traveler suspected something was up with my “throat chakra,” (and then discussed with my friend Brie) – these few months have been about “Finding My Voice” again: who I am on my own and finding clarity and focus.

This podcast gives an update on that journey through the context of daily life in Dallas and a solo road trip to Marfa, Texas.

This playlist is my perfect mix to where I am. Thanks for listening!

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