This Better Perform Well: Social Media & Mental Health

In Hines Sight

21-11-2020 • 55分

A fake laugh to get the perfect candid smile? Yeah, of course. How else do you think I got the photo for this podcast album art?

From the rise of social media and how it's permeated every aspect of our lives, Ryan invites Liz Navarro onto the pod to discuss how we consume social media and some of the emotions and psychology behind what we post.

Liz is the founder of Liz Navarro + Co., helping clients and students communicate effectively. She’s a professor of public speaking at Southern Methodist University, a copywriter, and a strategist helping professionals activate new opportunities.

So how does what we do for our professional lives sync up with our personal lives on social media? We focus in on three main themes:

  • Comparisons
  • Assumptions
  • Pressure to Perform Positively

Don't be scared. It's definitely not all bad. Like anything, there are pros and cons. Listen and find out some ways Liz and I find the joys in social media while keeping a check on its impact on our mental health.

In episode album art: Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash.

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