More than Politics: Choosing to Show Up

In Hines Sight

24-10-2020 • 45分

In this followup to my last episode - which was a very short seven minutes - I dive deeper on the conversation about politics. With my friend and special guest Eddie Martí Kring joining, we talk about how it's much more than politics; it's about choosing to show up for love, and choosing to protect our human rights.

Eddie and I met a few years ago at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Time to Thrive conference. I was so glad to catch up with him today, to hear about the impactful work he's doing in Miami. We both grew up in Florida, but I was a little farther north in Orlando. We realized that I was in middle school when civics duty education was cut from curriculum. But regardless of wherever we are on our journeys and our individual backgrounds with civic duty, it comes down to making a conscious decision to show up for what's right.

Whether you live in Florida or somewhere else, you can get involved. Go to www.Save.LGBT to learn more about this organization's work -- including Eddie's work -- with political advocacy and community outreach.

Comment and let me know where you are on your journey, and please GO VOTE!

At timing 3:50 in the episode... Eddie accidentally said “Republicans vote for Democrats” when referring to Florida’s closed primary system. Correction: “Democrats vote for Democrats and Republicans vote for Republicans.”

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