Michelle B. Crumley

American Dream Makers

01-01-2024 • 1時間 1分

Introducing Michelle B. Crumley, a dedicated military and veteran spouse with over 30 years of experience in supporting the military community. Michelle's commitment extends beyond her career in loans, as she actively utilizes her expertise and volunteer work to empower military and veteran families through financial education. With a strong personal connection to the military and over 20 years in the mortgage industry, Michelle has helped thousands of individuals achieve their financial and homeownership goals.

Throughout her career, Michelle has made a tangible impact on clients, real estate partners, and loan officers across the United States. She has excelled in various roles, including top producing loan originator, branch manager, regional mortgage coach, and national trainer. Her extensive experience has allowed her to foster relationships and provide valuable guidance to individuals in pursuit of their dreams of homeownership.

Currently, Michelle serves as Caliber's Military Client & Community Liaison, where she plays a crucial role in expanding outreach efforts to the military and veteran community. She is dedicated to promoting home-ownership education initiatives, both within Caliber and externally, to ensure that military families have the resources and knowledge needed to make informed financial decisions.

Michelle's passion for serving the military community, combined with her extensive experience and current role at Caliber, make her an invaluable asset in providing support and education to military and veteran families. With her dedication and expertise, Michelle continues to make a positive difference in the lives of those who have served our country.