Lynell Cavner

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01-01-2024 • 59分

Meet Lynell Cavner, a dedicated professional with a passion for helping others unlock their body's innate healing abilities. With a diverse background in Thai Stretch/Massage and a Bachelor's Degree in Holistic Nutrition, Lynell combines her expertise to provide transformative experiences for her clients. She is not only a respected member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) but also an esteemed member of the Bowenwork Academy & Practitioner Association.

Lynell's journey into the world of bodywork began during her mother's illness. It was during this challenging time that her mother emphasized the importance of working with her hands. Drawing from her previous experience in human resources, where she had interacted with individuals on both professional and emotional levels, Lynell found the transition into bodywork to be a natural fit.

Since 2003, Lynell has been practicing her craft in the beautiful Prescott, AZ area. Throughout her years of practice, she has witnessed the remarkable potential of the human body to heal itself. This realization inspired her to develop a unique approach called the nerve & body restoration process, which harnesses the transformative power of the Bowen Method. By unlocking and amplifying the body's natural healing capabilities, Lynell believes that true healing and restoration can be achieved.

Lynell Cavner is not only a skilled practitioner but also a published author. Her book, "Her Father's Hands," takes readers on a profound journey through her life's calling. This captivating memoir is a testament to her dedication, expertise, and the transformative power of her work. You can find "Her Father's Hands" on Amazon, offering an insightful glimpse into Lynell's profound experiences and her unwavering commitment to helping others.

Through her comprehensive knowledge, unwavering dedication, and remarkable intuition, Lynell Cavner continues to touch the lives of those seeking healing and restoration. Her profound understanding of the body-mind connection, coupled with her gentle and compassionate approach, sets her apart as a remarkable practitioner in her field.