NBA Update and Finals

What Do Women Know About Sports

12-06-2023 • 33分

Oh, we're back!! On this weeks episode we ran down all the things that have transpired in the NBA starting with Ja Morant. If you've been keeping up then you know that he is once again facing consequences just months after his first incident. Adam Silver has stated a few times that his consequence will be known after the NBA Finals. Do you think Ja has learned his lesson or do you think he will commit the same incident again? Next we touched on all of the different updates that have happened with the NBA coaches and the teams they have been let go from and where they are ending up. Of all the coaching changes, Monty Williams being let go from the Phoenix Sun had to be the most wild one. Monty will be the new head coach of the Detroit Pistons. What you are thoughts on all of the coaching changes? Do you think coaches shouldn't be held accountable for players for executing like they should? Also in this weeks news, Chris Paul has been waived by the Phoenix Suns. Where will CP3 end up or is this end of an incredible career. Let us know your thoughts.

Lastly lets discuss the NBA Finals between the Denver Nuggets versus the Miami Heat. For the first time in franchise history the Nuggets are in the finals and the Miami Heat are back in the finals since bubble season. Currently Denver is leading the series 2-1 with game 3 airing tonight. If Denver wins game 4 and game 5 is back on their home court, they could possibly send the Heat home and be the 2023 NBA Champions. Will Denver win it all or do you think Miami can make a comeback especially if Jimmy Butler plays amazing basketball? Let us know your thoughts.