MYSWIM: Trailer episode (S1E0)


20-02-2023 • 3分

An introduction to the MYSWIM podcast and host. What is it about,  who is it for, how the MYSWIM stories will be shared, and why we’d love you to listen and partake.

  • Looking for your next aquatic challenge?
  • Or do you have a love for water and the adventures, friendships and challenges it can bring and want to tell us about your individual MYSWIM so others can share the experience?

Then the MYSWIM podcast is for you!

Welcome to MYSWIM.

MYSWIM is every person’s personal adventure in water. Whether it is learning to swim, wild swimming, channel swimming, winter swimming or another aquatic sport like waterpolo, synchronised swimming, triathlon or something social with friends (the best kind!) and everything in between your happy place, your aquatic adventure, and  together we can explore it!

Host Michael Helps has been part of some great water polo teams winning national titles as a player and coach also competing in Ironman triathlons before completing long distance swimming challenges in lakes, rivers and oceans around the world including the triple crown and a English Channel 2 way attempt that ended up as a 42 hour battle.

Michael has played, swum and trained alongside some great and inspiration people with amazing stories and passion for a certain aquatic challenge and through the MYSWIM PODCASTS he will bring you those people and that passion and love for that swim or water experience so we can get under the skin of the adventure and share the achievement, the excitement and the fears of individuals MYSWIM . This hope is it will either inspire you to experience their swim for yourself or for you to find your own individual MYSWIM.

To capture the joy of each individual MYSWIM there is an exclusive bright, fun, MYSWIM podcast themed artwork design that have been sustainable sourced.

If you enjoy the podcasts and the guests We’d appreciate your support to keep these podcasts going and spreading the knowledge to a wider community by checking out the designs on .Maybe you’ll see your own MYSWIM there!

Let us know what you want to hear about and together let’s build the community. We really want to positively celebrate and promote all aspects of aquatics and particularly the mental health benefits that swimming brings and would love you to be part of it.

Join the community, give us your feedback, follow and Tell us all about your individual “MYSWIM”