Whole Person Self-Awareness: The Key to Transformation, with Ken Keis

Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs

09-05-2023 • 10分

Business owners and entrepreneurs love building businesses based on values, and a sense of purpose. But before acting with purpose and direction, we must understand who we are. It's nearly impossible to act intentionally when you are unaware of your preferences, gifts, talents, or beliefs. How can we discover what’s driving us?

That’s what today's guest, Ken Keis, shares in my new book, Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs - 11 Powerful Lessons to Thrive in Business and Lead a Balanced Life. It is available now wherever you buy your books.

Ken Keis is the CEO & President of Consulting Resource Group International Inc., which provides learning resources to individuals and development professionals across the globe. He is an internationally known speaker and consultant, and the author of Why Aren’t You More Like Me?, Deliberate Leadership, and The Quest For Purpose. https://kenkeis.com