Making Conflict Resolution Easier and More Productive, with Jerry Fu

Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs

23-05-2023 • 24分

We often hear that conflict is a good thing, as it helps us find the best way forward. Sure, if it’s positive conflict, consciously created and facilitated. But what do we do if we find ourselves in negative conflict, at work, or in our personal lives. In business, unresolved conflict has severe consequences, like losing clients, revenue, and employees. How can we identify, address, and overcome conflict?

That’s what today's guest, Jerry Fu, shares in my new book, Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs - 11 Powerful Lessons to Thrive in Business and Lead a Balanced Life. It is available now wherever you buy your books.

Jerry is an expert in conflict resolution. He is an ICF certified coach and the founder of Adapting Leaders.