The One Where HR Gets Sober (ft. Janet Hadley)

HR Director's Cut

24-02-2023 • 53分

In this episode we're joined by Janet Hadley, founder of Choose Sunrise. She takes us through her journey into sobriety as she helps us give advice to a HR Leader who is struggling with drinking culture in their organisation.

Choose Sunrise are on a mission to eliminate the stigma of asking for help with alcohol use. They create a safe space in the workplace where people can explore their relationship with alcohol, with absolutely no judgement. They facilitate monthly peer-support meet ups, inspirational talks from sober heroes, guest speakers, sober socials and alcohol-free drinks tastings, as well as providing training to leaders, management teams and HR professionals.

If you're struggling with alcohol use, we at HR Director's Cut urge you to take that first step towards recovery by visiting the Choose Sunrise site.

Let’s end the stigma, because nobody should free afraid to ask for help with alcohol use.

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