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HR Director's Cut

28-03-2022 • 1分

Welcome to HR Director's Cut - the podcast where we give our insight into your dilemmas, conundrums and questions.

We've found that there are plenty of dry advice podcasts and forums that give advice, but they are often lacking into the thought process behind what works and what doesn't. Savvy HR leaders should be weighing up risks, maintaining the vision of the business and most of all looking after the employees at all levels - and it's not an easy job!

We are here to give options, insights and guidance through sharing what works, what we've tried and failed at, and having some fun along the way.

You can submit your questions here and the juiciest ones will be read out during each episode.

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Any actions or risks are your own to take. You should seek legal advice before undertaking anything that may have consequences for yourself, your business, or your employees.