Bad Bill Cosby | Episode #050 | The Bath House Call-In Show and Podcast

Low Value Mail and The Bath House Live Call-In Show and Podcast

12-01-2024 • 1時間 17分

The Bathhouse is a live call-in show from the green room of The Stand one of New York City's best comedy clubs.

This episode is hosted by Derek Drescher with guests JC Mendoza, Johnny Salami and Ryan O'Toole.

Call 1-888-949-2969 to join the hang. Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 3:52 - First Caller 6:33 - Next Caller doing indian impression 8:48 - How many spots is Johnny Salami doing a week? 9:59 - Caller asking about Johnny Salami and his podcast 12:55 - Shout out to the nice lady Sam Johnny Salami & Ryan's Emotional Support Balloon 20:47 - Caller has some irish slurs and a would you rather scenario 21:27 - Guy in a car calls 27:54 - FMK 29:19 - Bad Bill Cosby 32:22 - Shout out to Johnny Glover 37:17 - Civil war was settled on BJ's not HJ's 37:44 - How do you get out there and get chicks without spending lots of money 45:04 - Followup on last call - Question for the Toole guy 54:05 - Can you help me get my general manager fired? 1:05:46 - America is amateur at racism 1:13:14 - Plugs

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